Stay with me for just a minute, and take a quick trip down memory lane.  Think
back to when you first entered law enforcement. Maybe like me, it was something
you always wanted to do and finally got your chance.  First there was the academy,
when you had to learn all the laws written in legal jargon (lawyer talk).  You had to
change the way you shoot to be tactically correct, learn defensive tactics, learn
how to investigate a crime scene, and don't forget criminal procedure with all its
grand excitement.  After you finished everything your state required of you to be a
peace officer, you finally graduated.  Depending on your agencies order of doing
things maybe now its time to receive your badge and gun, oh happy day!  Then
came the field training, and depending on your FTO this could be good or bad, I
think you know what I mean.  Maybe during that time you got into your first fight on
the job, or your first adrenalin packed chase and you're thinking, man this is a
COOL job!   You learned everything from defusing domestics, to clearing buildings, to the inner workings of your department.  
After field training you were probably then assigned to a shift, and got the keys to your first patrol car (can it get any better than
this).  Now you are your own man, no longer chained to an FTO and his way of doing things, you can now make your own
decisions, and boy do the decisions come quick.  Your confidence level is now sky high, matched only by your ambition to fight
crime as a one man army.  A new crime fighter has been unleashed, and a life changing career has been launched.

Now lets fast forward to the present.  Maybe you are still working the street, or maybe you have moved into another position.  
Either way you have seen a lot, endured a lot, and changed a lot.  You have been to countless domestics where women and
children have been beaten, you have seen many dead bodies, you have been frustrated by the revolving jail door, and it is
likely that you yourself have been assaulted at least once.  Through it all you have become street wise, and probably street
hardened by developing a thick skin.  I'm not saying that is necessarily bad, because after all to an extent we have to have a
thick skin to do the job.  We learn to detach ourselves from what we see and let it roll off our back so we can go to the next call.  
It's this thick skin I want to briefly talk about.  Now here is here is where some of you want to turn me off, but please don't. As I
already said, thick skin can be necessary, but if not kept in check it can be detrimental to us personally, professionally, and most
of all spiritually.  

Part of what makes a good police officer, is the ability to take control of whatever situation he finds himself in.  When we arrive
on scene people expect us to have the answers, or to solve the problem whatever it may be.  If we are not careful, this can spill
over into our personal lives making us think we have to shoulder everything on our own and show no weakness.  Add to this the
fact that we are lied to daily from people of all walks of life, and we can become a person who trusts almost no one, and refuses
to be helped by anyone.  This makes it easy to put up walls between ourselves and others, even our spouse which can be a first
step toward the "D" word.  Experts offer many different solutions to these problems as well as the high levels of stress officers
endure.  Some of the solutions include exercise, a hobby to take your mind off the job, counselling and so on.  I'm not knocking
these things and they can be important for all of us, but I would like to say that I know of a way that trumps them all.  If I told you
there was a way to have peace, contentment, joy, and help with all of life's problems and that it was free, would you interested?  
Sounds like a no brainer doesn't it.  Well, you can have all these things plus so much more and it comes with a relationship with
Jesus Christ.  

Now you have stayed with me this far, so hear me out and don't quit now.  I know we have seen the people who all of a sudden
get real religious when we put the handcuffs on them, or the self proclaimed preacher who got caught drinking and driving.  We
also know the old saying, "the difference between preachers and police is that police see church members at their Saturday
night worst, while preachers see them at their Sunday morning best".  This leaves a bad taste in our mouths for religion, which is
why I'm not talking about religion.  Religion will get you nowhere, it takes a relationship!  People will let us down, even those who
appear the most moral and religious, which is why we can't look to man, we need to look to God and have a relationship with
Him.  Each of us are loved by Him more than we can possibly imagine, or dream of, and He wants us to know Him.  

Going back to the thick skin we talked about, this can prevent us from coming to Him which is disastrous.  Cops are tough, and
can handle a lot of things, but we
ALL need Jesus Christ.  Perhaps better than anyone else, cops know that all mankind has a
sin problem.  This sin separates us from God, but Jesus Christ offers us the forgiveness we need if we will realize we can't
handle it on our own.  So how about it, do you want this relationship we are talking about?  Are you ready to humble yourself
before the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords?  I certainly hope so!  And I will also make this statement without any reservation
whatsoever, you will soon realize that it was the best decision you have ever made.  I urge you to click
here and you will be
directed to the "Heaven" page on this website, where you can find out how to have this relationship.  
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