Are You Making a Difference? by TFC Scott Smith GA. State Patrol

Why are you in Law Enforcement? My guess would be because you want to make a difference in this world in which we live, help those
that can’t help themselves. When I enlisted in this profession some nineteen years ago I had those same aspirations and am proud to say
that I still have that desire. But can we really make a difference? Can we actually impact our community, friends and family? We can if we
know how! God says that with Him NOTHING is impossible, but without Him nothing is possible. So we can make a difference!

When I started my career I claimed to be a Christian, at least on Sunday mornings. But I did not live it in my job, with my spouse and
surely not while with friends. If there is one thing we all as Law enforcement know, it's our integrity that we stand on. Without that we will
go nowhere. But as a man of God your integrity will be one of the lasting effects you will leave behind. If we could see into the future,
what would your legacy be? How will you be remembered? Did you make a difference in your community, your friends, and your family?

After seeing people die and suffer in every situation possible, I have often asked myself why do Police Officers not believe that they to will
face that situation. I was one of those who believed that I was protected by my badge, my buddies. I thought my department had my back.
When all the time there was only one that was looking over me, keeping me from danger and sending me home night after night. But why
did God so choose to protect me when I was living for myself and not for Him, Because He loves YOU just as he loved me, and there is a
plan for me. I don't know that plan but as my daily walk with God continues, He shows me what His plan is for me. So make a difference,
first in your life then in the lives of those around you.
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Safe To Fight Another Day by Inv. Chris Harrell Bibb Co. Sheriff's Office Macon GA.

I am currently a 12 year veteran with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office located in Macon Georgia. Throughout my short career, I have
encountered many situations the Lord has guided me through. One that I cannot forget, occurred on August 9, 2009. I left my wife and 4
month old daughter safe at home, to work the midnight shift on patrol. It was on this night the Lord put his hand of protection around me in
order that I could see my family again. While attempting to stop a fleeing criminal, I was shot in the head at point blank range and almost
killed. The Lord protected me because I am one of his children. He also gave me the strength to stop the felon I encountered. Throughout
that night and the weeks to follow, I had a peace, and comfort that could only come from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am proud
that he laid his hand of protection upon me, but I knew if it was my time to die, my eternity would be spent in Heaven because of the price
Jesus paid on the cross at Calvary. I am a Christian and proud to serve my community, and greater than that my Lord.
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Taming a Tornado by Mike Sipps Houston Co. Sheriff's Office Warner Robins, Georgia

Brian has asked me to give you my story about my walk with Jesus Christ.  Truthfully, this makes me somewhat uncomfortable, because it
makes me go back to a time when I was lost and did not know it.  I am also somewhat embarrassed by the fact that I knew Brian and that
he witnessed to me, but I made fun of him and GOD, both to his face and behind his back.  By the way, sorry Brian.  

I was an 8 year veteran of the same Sheriff's office in Georgia with Brian, serving on the traffic unit which worked mainly on I-75, and
was also a member of the SRT team.  I was full of myself, and had the work hard/play hard attitude.  I was convinced that on any high
risk call I would survive, because I had succeeded on dangerous calls before and believed I had the tactics and skills that would allow me
to control any problem.   While I was being America's next great lawman, I was also very interested in the females in my surrounding
world.  I think you know the ones, they range from nurses to waitresses, to just random meetings in daily life.  It was all consentual and
legal (I had some morals and boundaries), so who was I hurting?  It turns out just about everyone!  I will leave it at this...I was an
emotional tornado who damaged the people in my path.   It appeared like I was happy, in control, and having a good time, but in my heart I
was miserable and lost.

I had several more Christians cross my path who witnessed to me, but I pushed them away and remember telling them not to waste their
time or breath.  I got married again with a wife who was expecting my child, and later decided to leave law enforcement to go back into
the military full time.  Better pay and bennies, I know you can relate to that.  Then came more encounters with Christians, and at some
point I knew there was something missing from my life, so I went searching.   I went to a local church and heard the preacher give his
sermon out of the book of Matthew, but it made absolutely no sense to me at all.  Blah, blah, blah...Huh, what in the world did that mean?  
Then he asked the audience a question.  "If you were to die today do you know if you would go to heaven?"  Shucks, I don't know! I am
in hurting status. (Cleaned up Christian version, not what went through my head)  

Fast forward; currently I am full-time in the Air National Guard and part-time with the Sheriff's Office, so to make a long story somewhat
shorter... I eventually found out there is a GOD who loves me, Who sent his Son to pay for all the stuff I had done over the years, and HE
is in control. I cannot properly express how much I appreciate what GOD has done for me, and the positive changes he gives me the
strength to make.  I am currently a faithful husband for over 12 years with 5 children. Yes life still has it's ups and downs, but GOD gives
me wisdom through his power that I my walk in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self-control.  Life is not perfect as a Christian,
neither are Christians perfect, but our Savior JESUS CHRIST is.  Key word here is our, He loves you too.  He loves you and is waiting for
you to respond.
Reaching America's Law Enforcement for Christ

  The Road Home  by Cpl. Ashley Moore Hall County Sheriff's Office Gainesville, Georgia

On my way home from work one night, I stopped to get gas and saw a homeless man. Being in Law Enforcement I see people just like this
man on a regular basis. However, for some reason this man made an impact on my heart. As I left the gas station and headed to my warm
cozy house I thought to myself how lucky I am to have the things we so often take for granted, and then it hit me how this man's situation
is like mine, and so many others relationship with God.

The man was maybe in his mid–forties, and stated that he had hitchhiked from Illinois and was trying to get back to Alabama, but
accidently wound up in Gainesville GA. The man asked me for some food even though he feared I would arrest him.  I told him that I
would get him whatever he wanted from inside the gas station. He met me back at the counter with two cans of sardines and a NOS
energy drink. I asked him if he wanted something more but he refused.  Later, outside the gas station I talked to the man about finding a
shelter to stay in but he shamefully admitted he had been drinking, and the shelters would not take him. I mentioned a place he could go
that had tents and fires; at least he would be warm.  He refused, saying that he did not trust those people and would not go where he could
not trust anyone. He just wanted to get back to Alabama to see his family.

So often, we like this man, stray so far from home (God), and the possibility of getting back seems almost impossible. Often times it takes
us hitting rock bottom before we ever turn to the Lord for help. When this happens we sometimes just do the bare minimum, enough to get
us through that day, and then we are back to where we started. We tend to ignore the people around us, who are praying for us, and trying
to help us, and a lot of times it’s because of our pride or shame. It is so easy to stray from a close relationship with God and yet so hard to
get that close relationship back.  All we want is to be back with our family (God, and our brothers and sisters in Christ), but we want to do
it our own way instead of God’s way, even though we know it will not get us where we need to be.

I am unsure why this one man affected me so much more than the many others I have came across in the time I have worked at the
Sheriff’s Office. I know that there has been many times when I have strayed from that close relationship, and have struggled to find my
way back.  I have tried to do things my way, and felt I had to do it on my own, but it wasn’t until I turned everything over to the Lord that
I was able to get back “home to my family.”  Let’s pray for the people less fortunate than ourselves, and for our brothers and sisters in
Christ who are struggling in their relationship with God. I also want to thank God for showing me that no matter what happens in this
world the Lord will still speak to us (often in some of the most unexpected ways), and there is nothing anyone can do to stop that as long
as we are willing to listen.
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           The True Story of Emery Esse (retired Detroit PD)

I had been a Detroit cop for several years when the department started the “Special Response Team” (SRT), a highly trained
anti-terrorist SWAT unit. This was my dream! To me that was the “Marine Corps” of the DPD. (I was a US Marine before joining
the DPD). The physical and mental requirements were tough, but I passed and was accepted on the team. Over 1,000 cops
had tried out but only 16 were chosen. We spent the next 14 months in training and were certified by the state of Michigan in
policing terrorist.

On our first operation, we were called out to deal with a mentally disturbed man pouring gasoline around an apartment
building. Patrol officers had originally responded to the scene. The apartment door opened just a little and they observed the
suspect walking in circles, carrying a rifle. A lieutenant, a friend of mine, was then called on the scene.
The gunman fired through the door, killing the lieutenant.

SRT was then called out to the scene. I asked if we could pray before going in. My partner, Frank, was angry because I
wanted to pray, but I still prayed asking for God’s protection. We cut off the electricity to the building and shot gas into the
apartment before going in with our gas masks. Frank entered first after breaking down the door with a bunker shield. I was
right behind him. The concealed gunman shot Frank missing the metal trauma plate by inches. Frank’s last words were, “I’m
hit” and fell at my feet. I was looking for the gunman’s position and he fired at me. The flash of the rifle revealed him as I saw
him getting up to fire again. I pointed my pistol toward him, fired eleven rounds hitting him seven times and killed him. I then
ran back to Frank, but Frank was dead. Little did Frank know that day that he would face God. That was a sad time in my life.
However my story by no means ends there. Please read on...

I was born and raised a Shiite Muslim. After high school, I joined the Marine Corps. I served 2 1/2 months in Vietnam and
after 3 years was promoted to sergeant. In 1970, I married my high school sweetheart. We had a written agreement that our
children would be raised Muslim, though my wife was of a totally different religion. One day my sister in-law and her
husband invited my wife and I to a Bible believing church. I went thinking no one in my Muslim family would find out. We
heard the gospel preached, and my wife responded by receiving Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Right away I noticed a change
in her. When we left the church I asked my wife if she was still going to practice her religion. She replied, “No, I’m not”. I asked
her how that could be. She said in her religion she knew of Jesus in her head, but now Jesus was in her heart! I warned her
never to show the Bible to our son.

The next two years that church continually prayed for me. Meanwhile, I made life miserable for my wife. I did not let her use the
car to go to a church she found a mile away from our home, so she walked regardless of the weather. However, I took our son
to the mosque. I was fighting against Jesus! Christian men from her church would come and talk to me about Jesus, but I tried
to ignore them.

Then, on August 26, 1975, I had a dream: I was in combat running with another Marine. We jumped into a foxhole and landed
in hell at the feet of Satan! It was so real to me. Satan was laughing and pulled out a big knife and started stabbing the guy
who was with me. I kept trying to stop him, but he would just laugh. I woke up at 4:30 am, got out of bed, and got down on my
knees. I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my heart and save me. As soon as I did that I felt a great burden lifted
from my shoulders, and I was filled with joy in my heart. I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That was the greatest
moment of my life. I thank the Lord for dying for a sinner like me. If you read this and don’t know Jesus as your Lord and
Savior, please ask Him to come into your heart and save you.